Calypso Sails Again!

August 18, 2009

Getting this blog set up is turning out to be a frustrating exercise.  I will indeed get there, but the learning curve may well be steeper than Mt. Everest.

So . . . moving backwards in time for a few minutes here.  Jeremy and I met in college (thank you, Alison!), fell in love, graduated, moved to Houston, and promptly bought . . . a BOAT.  Because, don’t you know, we were planning to go cruising as soon as we could get up enough money to head off!  A lot of recent college grads buy a house, or at least a new car or furniture or something like that.  Nah.  Too conventional!

Houston start; Virginia end

Houston start; Virginia end

We left from Clear Lake, Texas, on October 15 of 1994, newly married and with enough money to stay out for 2 years.  Good budgeting and excellent fishing skills allowed us to sail the Bahamas and the Eastern Caribbean for 3 years.  The cap of that trip was the sail across the Atlantic with friends Bill and Jean on Pelican Express, then we landed with a thud into reality in Charlottesville, Virginia.  Jobs and kids and a mortgage later, we were hell-bent on weekend condo-ing it on the boat.

Fast-forward (gulp) 11 years.  We celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary and somehow in the course of that dinner conversation find ourselves discounting all the obstacles that stand in the way of going cruising again.  Kids?  They’re the right age.  Jobs?  We’ll get other ones.  House?  We’ll rent it out.  Money?  Cruising is less expensive than living on shore – and we have a decent cushion.  Boat?  We have it already!  Let’s go!!!

So the plan was (is?) hatched.  We leave, fully loaded, from the dock on October 9 (hurricanes willing) to “race” in the Turkey Shoot Regatta on the Rappahannock River, and then to head south.  The realities of living aboard a small boat with 2 children will definitely be a large part of the challenge this time around, but the joys of sharing the life with them will be a larger part of the reward.

In the next few days I will be detailing some of the projects we have tackled, and posting some pictures of the boat and the living space as it looks now.  My fingers are crossed HARD that those turn out to be “before” pictures, as living on board with the space as it will be will be MUCH easier than living aboard with the space as it looks now.  You can be the judges for us (and if you are mean I will not let you read any more.  So there.)

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4 Responses to Calypso Sails Again!

  1. lizmonroe says:

    I have a wordpress blog too so let me know if I can help– blogging this adventure will be soooo awesome!!!

  2. Skye and Michael O'Donnell says:

    WOW – what fun! You are going to LIVE life the FUN way! Wishing you Godspeed and fair weather! The O’Donnells (who just sailed on the Rappahannock too while staying at the Tides Inn!)

    • nicawaters says:

      Thanks, Skye and Michael! The Tides is a bunch of fun – hope you enjoyed it. We’ll be back in June or so . . .

  3. Mark Gaya says:

    Wow. This sounds really exciting. I can’t wit to read about all your wonderful adventures

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