Name games . . .

August 24, 2009

Sailors are a superstitious lot.  From “don’t leave for a voyage on a Friday” to “toast Neptune when you cross the equator” to “put a penny under the mast when you step it” and all points in between, there is a lot of lore on what you can and can’t, should and shouldn’t.  So what is this business about naming a boat?

Let me be honest here.  We renamed our boat.  Gulp.  We really did.  “Newsboy” did not do it for us.  Neither did “Zurimum.”  She had been renamed before.  She had no name on the transom . . . so we renamed her.

Naming a boat.  How hard could THAT possibly be?  It isn’t like naming a kid, for pete’s sake.  I agree – in some ways it is far, far harder.  For those of you planning to sail off into the sunset at some point, you need to know that you will be known by your boat name.  Forget last names – we were “Nica and Jeremy Calypso” the last time we were out, and I imagine it will be the same this time.  You are hailed on the radio by your boat name – so if you are some incomprehensible, too-cute name (I won’t give any examples – I might piss someone off) you will get really, really tired of the “who’s on first” routine.  “Roger” and “Over” are two names that might get old fast.

We were recent college grads when we bought our boat.  I think I spent weeks in the school library, searching for the perfect combination of literary and technology.  (I even spent a fruitless few minutes looking for a Muse of engineering.  There isn’t one.)  Then I found it.  Perfect!

At anchor in paradise

At anchor in paradise

Calypso is the name of one of our favorite kinds of music.  It is also the name of the nymph in The Odyssey, the one who lured Odysseus away from home for all those years.  What could be wrong with this? What a unique name! In triumph, we commissioned our friend Stuart Stout to come by and paint the name on the transom.  What a gorgeous job he did.

Flash forward to our first Bahamas anchorage.  “So how long have you been enthralled with Jacques Cousteau?”


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2 Responses to Name games . . .

  1. bruce terry says:

    Jeremy and Nica!

    Joe’s Sound … wasn’t that a sweet little place!

    Don’t have your email but noticed on the Forum you are about to retrace your steps – and make new ones with very important baggage aboard.

    Good for all of you, and what a priceless experience for your two kids who are the PERFECT age to learn what being ‘gone’ is, what total self-reliance is, what the Real Earth is.

    Looking forward to watching you four sail a new, old path.

    If you’re on the ICW and happen to anchor overnight coming thru Wrightsville Beach we’d love to say hi, have a meal, help you run any errands that might come up! Just say the word.

    Really Cool Guys,

    Bruce & Anne, and Anhinga

    PS – Caught up with Luis Gomes and #83 thanks to BCC Forum/PM.

    • nicawaters says:

      BRUCE!!!!! How great to hear from you – and we will definitely be going through Wrightsville Beach. We’ll drop you an email as we know timing better.

      Yay – will be so great to see you and Anne again and introduce you to our rugrats.



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