Countdown ticking

September 9, 2009

Multitasking here, trying to write the blog while listening to Obama talk about health care.  Sick and twisted, to me, are those people who do not think our nation needs health care reform and fast.  This came home to me again this weekend, when sharing our plans with so many friends.  First reaction – “can I come?” (lol).  Second reaction (and I kid you not) – “what are you doing for health care?”  !!!!!!  What a sad and extremely limiting thing to have to worry about.  Go America!  Find the guts to make a change . . .

Last night I realized we are t-minus 30.  (What exactly the “t-minus” is all about is a mystery, but it sounds pretty good at any rate.)  HOLY BLEEP BATMAN!!!  I now have the Christmas Eve butterflies (remember those from when you were a kid?) constantly.  Wow!  Good thing I finished work a week ago – I’d NEVER be able to concentrate!

Being present is not all that difficult, butterflies notwithstanding.  If I am going to get all the stuff done in the next 3 weeks that needs to get done, I had better focus like never before.

Today was a study in contrasts, one hour plus at a time.  I volunteered in Maddie’s classroom this morning (smiles and hugs and thank yous and remembering everyone’s name), then came home to over an hour on the phone with the car insurance company.  My “WHAT???” moment today came when I was told that “of course, it costs the same amount to store a car as it does to drive it around.”  WHAT????  Nuts.  Of course, this same person insisted that it is required in Virginia to carry liability insurance if you have a driver’s license (it isn’t – you have to have liability if you have a CAR).  Can anyone sense my frustration?

And then . . . to the doctor’s office for the kids’ annual physicals, complete with extra time to talk about needed prescriptions and other details of the “going away from major medical assistance” life we are headed for.  Did you know that a way to practice sutures is to buy a pigs foot or two from the local butcher and sew away?  (this advice, mind you, from our vegetarian pediatrician!)  That visit was over an hour of wonderful, friendly, open advice and interest in what we are doing.

THEN  . . . (never, never write so many “then”s.  Terrible transition.) we hit the dive store (kids’ snorkel gear – CHECK), Target (never too early to check out Halloween costumes, don’t you know!), pick up the CSA share, and finally home for the nightly homework/piano practice battle.

Kids are in bed, some of the dishes are done, Obama is done, and Oudin (sadly) lost at the US Open.  Tomorrow’s list looks like more phone calls, more checking grocery stores, and lots of housework.  Oh, and perhaps I can pick up the prescriptions from the pharmacy, and maybe a suture kit from the doctor.

Pig’s feet, anyone?

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One Response to Countdown ticking

  1. I’m so happy to be able to follow your adventure, Nica, and the preparations, too–I sympathize, but can’t help laughing! Keep that great sense of humor!

    And by the way, very nice tribute to your friend to be taking this trip. Live life while you have it.

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