We so need an education!

September 14, 2009

Apologies to Pink Floyd . . .

Jeremy has gotten a TON done in the past 2 weeks.  He has installed the Monitor, gotten the HF (ham) radio hooked up and grounded, installed new 12-volt outlets around the boat, ordered new alternator parts, almost gotten the watermaker back together, installed the masthead tri-color/anchor light, rerigged the forestay, and (most critical, of course) built a new, multi-colored, Christmas-light-switching-color, cockpit light.  You go, Jeremy!

My work is more mundane, I fear.  I particularly fear that I am mostly in the way being on the boat on the weekend, as my work is shopping and planning and not getting things “done” on the boat.  The kicker was this weekend (no, I didn’t take a picture – bad move on my part) when all of us were down below but Jeremy had to take up all the floorboards (so everything on the floor had to be off the floor – mostly on the settees (couches) where we were hanging out) to work on the copper grounding strap for the HF radio.  And the engine cover was off, so getting out of the cabin was, er, challenging (no place to step).  Imagine, if you will, crowding 4 people in your bathroom.  Give them 3 seats, and make them put everything from the floor onto an elevated surface.  Add a few, “I AM SO BORED.”  Stir (crazy).  Oh, and their feet cannot touch the floor.  Maybe I should call it good practice.

I am working now on getting school figured out.  I have diligently looked at the Virginia Department of Education curriculum and am delighted with what I see.  Some examples (and I am serious here about the delight) include the studying of the Gulf Stream, learning about weather and tides, conservation of resources, mapping Columbus and his voyages and identifying where he first came to the New World, myths, the ocean environment.  YAY!!!  Combine these very, very germane topics with natural writing and emailing and videoing and picture taking – school will make more sense to Julian and Maddie than ever before.  How can it not, when the topics studied are so much a part of their very existence?

I’ll put more pictures in next time, I promise!

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