The beginning of the “lasts”

September 24, 2009

I have started this blog in my head so many times and run out of steam or energy or nerve.  I meant to write after the weekend, where the blog title would have been “wood, wiring, and (then I lost another “w”.)  I meant to write after Tuesday, where the blog title would have been “where did it all go?”  So here we are on Thursday, and I’ll incorporate it all into today’s blog!  Lucky, lucky you.

The song I have included in here is a favorite of mine.  Hope you enjoy it too!  And to add to the randomness of this post . . . Julian wanted to make dinner last week.  Here is a picture of his first course!  An artist, for sure.

Julian's first course . . .

Julian's first course . . .

Today is the start of the “lasts”.  Actually, that isn’t really true.  This past weekend was, really.  It was the kids’ last weekend on the boat before moving aboard.  It was our last Sunday night trip back from the boat (that trip I will NOT miss!)

And actually TOMORROW is the start of the “lasts.”  Tomorrow is Jeremy’s last Friday at work.  Tomorrow is the beginning of our last weekend in Charlottesville.  Tomorrow night is Jeremy’s last time driving to the boat alone, for a non-liveaboard work weekend.

But “the beginning of the lasts” sounds better than “sometime we hit the lasts”!

This past weekend was indeed filled with wood and wiring.  I (read – I started and Jeremy finished the project) wired Julian’s bunk fan permanently in place.  Should have been simple, but involved things like bundling cable, undoing

Random project shot

Random project shot

the radio and the bus terminal it needed to be hooked to, learning about crimp fittings, and determining polarity.   I also learned how to use the router as I shaped the retaining bars for under the chart table.  AND I polyurethaned wood, painted Julian’s bunk area, and fussed over storage.  Jeremy wired, and sawed, and routed, and tested (the radio email process), and so many other things I lost count.

Then on Tuesday the big day came.  I had done the grocery shopping at 6 of the 7 stores I wanted to hit, ziploced all thestores awaiting ziplocs stuff that formerly existed in cardboard, and it was time to get the stuff aboard.

Jeremy took the kids to school so I could get going promptly.  The van was loaded (that was Monday’s task), I had one more stop to make (75 lbs of pasta plus sundry other items at Trader Joe’s), and had a timeline to be back in Charlottesville by 6:30 for dinner with friends.  Ambitiously, I wanted to get a coat of paint on Julian’s bunk as well.  HAH.

Perhaps the pictures tell the story best.

The whole van is filled.

The whole van is filled.

Calypso, before provisions

And more pictures . . .

All this fits on the boat?

All this fits on the boat?

Notice the important provisions are here too . . .

Notice the important provisions are here too . . .

After 5 hours of stowing (I made a deal with myself that I could eat a bite or two of lunch after every 10 bags stowed), it was all (mostly) put away.  I called Jeremy to tell him I was headed off, that I had NOT gotten to Julian’s bunk, and that we would have to play musical boxes for a little while until we ate our way clear.  He laughed.  I hope he’s still laughing after he sees what I mean this weekend!

Before the food is aboard. Note green and black stripes, and the distance between the water and the metal fitting

Before the food is aboard. Note green and black stripes, and the distance between the water and the metal fitting

After loading . . . See, I really DID stow it all!

After loading . . . See, I really DID stow it all!

I figure I put close to 1500 lbs of food aboard.  Look on the bright side – we don’t have to buy staples from now until we return.

Guess we are committed to going now (there is no way I will undo all I just did –  workout and weight-lifting I laugh in your general direction!).

These are the days indeed!

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7 Responses to The beginning of the “lasts”

  1. Lee Walke says:

    Godspeed, Waters’.

    One question- Do you plan to RACE in the regatta with months of food stowed?


    • nicawaters says:

      LOL, Lee – YES!!! There is a great song by a friend of ours entitled “Gotta Regatta” and one of the lines is “Got so much gear aboard she barely floats – who are we kidding racing these boats?” You can probably gauge how serious we are as racers . . . the one concession we’ll make is to offload the dinghy and the 2 kayaks. I’ll post pictures!

  2. KTorg says:

    What is stored in the Starr Hill box? 😉

  3. Stewart says:

    We all have Ben to blame for this blog nonsense but rest assured that I’ll be watching your progress, all the best of luck, I hope to follow in the not too distant future.

  4. Lee says:

    All these lasts and it is only just beginning! I am so excited for the four of you. Hard to believe how fast this day has come…and so much planning and work. Chris said when we bought our boat….a little work and then lots of play. After 4 months of work I was wondering…and yet now here you are ready for the journey and the play. And you are ready!

  5. Rod Bruckdorfer says:

    It’s good to know, your boat is in racing trim for the duel between IDUNA and Calypso. Just maybe, IDUNA has a chance against a crack racing crew. Based on the waterline, I think we displace about the same as Calypso. I am sailing Monday after lunch and bound south. Hopefully, I will have few days of N and W winds.

  6. Stephanie Corbell says:

    Wow! All that and you’re finding time to blog, too?! Looking forward to keeping up with the new & improved adventures of Calypso & her intrepid crew.

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