Why so much ##!!**?

September 25, 2009

Jeremy’s LAST Friday at work!

This morning’s OMG moment (at 3 am, naturally) was when I realized how much stuff I stowed on the boat.  People have looked at me like I am crazy, and I realize once again there is a different “cruiser” mindset.  So let’s answer some questions, shall we?

1) No, we will not be sailing on the seas for 8 months, never touching land.  The plan, generally, is to anchor every night.  Docks (marinas) where we tie up and only have to step onto land to be ashore are very expensive – and so will be very rare occasions indeed.  If a dock costs $50-$100  a night, and our cruising budget (including all that food I stowed aboard on Tuesday) is $2000 a month . . . you do the math.  Yes, we’ll go to shore, probably almost daily (beach combing and shell collecting are calling our names).  No, we will not be buying things every day!  But . . . we will likely be entertaining/potlucking/sharing sundowners with another boat FREQUENTLY (last time we averaged 2.5 times a week for such activities.)

2) Yes, we will have access to groceries while we are out. (People eat even in the Bahamas!  Really they do!)  The problem there is twofold.  1) Things like canned tomatoes and cereal in the Bahamas are imported and VERY expensive (like $7 a bag for cereal – 15 years ago.  Bet it’s more like $10 now)  There’s that budget again. 2) When I provisioned here, I had a car.  Not going to have a car.  Imagine buying all that stuff and hauling it, on foot, from the store to the boat.  Would have taken me years.

3) What about all the rest of the STUFF?  Boat parts, clothes, sunscreen . . . Relax.  There’s space for that stuff too.  Next week when I head to the boat to store all THAT stuff I will take pictures of all the storage areas we have. (I’ll also do more puzzle-piece storing of the food that is on there.)  You might be amazed (and never see your own house in the same way again!)

4)  Karen?  That’s Starr Hill in the Starr Hill box – or, it WAS in the box.  And all those bottles are very securely stowed (until they are stowed even more securely in our bellies.)  Beer in the Bahamas is $50 a case.  Damn that budget.

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3 Responses to Why so much ##!!**?

  1. Rod Bruckdorfer says:

    Now that you have all the food “stuff” stored and will be storing the parts, tools, etc. Do you have any room for clothing, bedding, towels, etc?

    IDUNA has too many tools and fastenings aboard but the day I remove something, I will probably need it the next day. We also carry oil and grease aboard for Thumper.

    When I see you, perhaps next weekend, I want to see where and how you stored all this “stuff.” The marine forecast looks good for the early part of the week. Of course it always changes. Hopefully, I will be in the Solomons Tuesday or Wednesday.

    Fair Winds

  2. KTorg says:

    Okay.. so one case of Starr Hill lasts how long? One or two weeks… think you need to be stowing more of the really important stuff!

  3. Douglas says:

    Soooo Very Excited for You and Your Family ,,,, Hope you enjoy your adventure, as much as we enjoy ours ,,,,,,

    We will be watching , here , for , recent news ,,,, T Y , for sharing ,,,,

    Douglas and Lang , Singapore

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