And the last week begins . . .

September 28, 2009

The Christmas-Eve butterflies are competing on an Olympic level in my stomach.  This time next week we will hopefully be well in the middle of the bottom job, with the first morning of home-schooling a memory.  Of course, this all assumes we get it all done this week – a list that gets longer with each passing minute.

Last night, good friends threw us the first of just a few going-away parties.  Jeremy unfortunately missed it (he was

Thank you, Bolus/Glass family!

Thank you, Bolus/Glass family!

getting so very many things done on the boat!) but the kids and I had a great time hanging out with friends and talking about the upcoming trip.  While we were enjoying a Bon Voyage cake (expertly decorated by Willa and Josette – thanks so much!), Jeremy was installing the watermaker, testing the alternator, making a shelf for Julian’s bunk, installing more shelves, templating mosquito netting, cleaning out the lazarette, and numerous other projects.  When I asked him last night what he thought needed to be done before we leave, he said, “Bottom job.”  Wow.

Today was my day to go to school.  Dr. Dave, our beloved pediatrician and friend, invited me over to his house for a suturing lesson.  (While I was there I got an unexpected (and much needed!) lesson in how to put on sterile gloves from Dave’s other half, awesome Polly.)  I declined to bring a pig’s foot to the class, choosing instead to bring oranges and the greenest banana I could find at the grocery store (not very green, unfortunately).  Dave had told me “thick skin and squishy inside” . . .  I am (on one level) aware that human skin is not as easy to get a needle into as that banana was – and I really, REALLY hope that that level is all I ever get to in terms of understanding!

Pictures, again – maybe worth a thousand words . . .

Concentration is the name of the game

Concentration is the name of the game

Note sterile drapes . . .

Note sterile drapes . . .

Much better!

Much better!

Next big task is getting the boat cards all set and sent off to the printer (oh – better get a new guest book too!).  And on Wednesday I get to take another load to the boat and try my best to reorganize storage so we aren’t pitched so far forward.

Almost makes staying home look attractive . . . Nah.

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One Response to And the last week begins . . .

  1. Stephanie Corbell says:

    Nice suture work. Here’s hoping you never need it.

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