Out of the frying pan, into the fire!

October 5, 2009

This past week has been a doozy.  So much so, in fact, that it is Tuesday of the following week and the first time I have found a spare minute to update the blog. It ended on Friday with 2 presentations at the kids’ school (decided on, organized, and prepared for between Wednesday and Friday), a brake job on a car for Jeremy to do, a piano recital, and oh no!  Must clean apartment and pack the car . . .

The week I am referring to began on September 27 (a Sunday), with the first of 4 (!!!) going away parties our wonderful friends threw for us.  I know I mentioned this before, but Jeremy didn’t even make it to that one because he was so busy getting TONS done on the boat.  Then it was Monday, with another party and an almost-didn’t-make-it-to-the-house babysitter so we were late to THAT one.  Wednesday I took another load to the boat and shot this video of the interior (www.youtube.com/watch?v=zz4JuRmVovU) – that trip went well as I managed to rearrange things so that we no longer will be playing musical boxes until we eat our way clear . . .  race back to C’ville for the THIRD party.  (Of course, Jeremy is all this time working like a madman at home – after putting in a full day at the office – sewing, wiring, researching . . . time to go sailing so the man can RELAX!).  Thursday is relatively calm – oh wait – must run to the airport to pick up Mom, who flew in last minute to come to Maddie’s recital.  THEN we zip to Tom’s house for going-away-party (plus Jeremy’s last day of work celebration) #4 of the week – back to the apartment at about 9:30 for more packing and sewing and what not . . .

Friday dawns.  The last day in the apartment.  My presentations are ready to go.  Jeremy sleeps in (as he should).  Kids are off to school, coffee is made, I wrangle with school technology to be able to show my powerpoint and video to the entire 5th grade and Maddie’s 3rd grade class.  Jeremy gets up, showers, gets to the autoparts store and does a brake job on the car.  At 2:30 we all converge back on the house, ready to split and go again.  Maddie gets in a nail appointment, a new dress, and a glimpse of the cat before going to her recital.  Julian gets to see the house and the fort once more.  After the recital (which goes very well!) Mom takes the kids to a hotel while Jeremy and I go back to the apartment to pack and organize and pack the car.  11:30 that night we are done, crash and . . .

Wake up at 6 am on Saturday to drive to Deltaville.  Arrive at 9, by 10 am the boat is hauled out of the water and we are scraping barnacles, very happily pleased with the state of the bottom. (I am debating a campaign to get TBT allowed again . . . we put it on completely legally in Trinidad in 1996 and it STILL works!)  Work like crazy until the mosquitoes show up, shower at FBYC and then meet friends for dinner in Urbanna, back to the boat to sleep and wake up on Sunday to do it all again . . .  Kids come with Mom on Sunday afternoon, we all sleep on board Corrosol (thanks, David and Alison!), and on Monday SCHOOL starts!

Whew.  Day one of school went well.  Mom went back to Charlottesville late morning, delivering the car to Bill and Jean on the way.  Work on the boat went well.

Splash is scheduled for Thursday right now, although we are hoping we can bump it to Wednesday.  We’ll see!

Oh, and we made our first friends of this cruise, and we are not even in the water yet.  Dick and Libby on Tarwathie, a Westsail 32, were a couple of boats down in the yard (before splashing yesterday).  When we next see them, we’ll share sundowners and swap stories.  Gotta love cruising!

More pictures next time . . .

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6 Responses to Out of the frying pan, into the fire!

  1. Hoovler says:

    They don’t call it Mosquito Point for nothing! Best of luck — I’ll be following the blog!

  2. Jennifer Jordan says:

    Your video music scared me as it was our wedding music! LOL!
    I LOVE following your blog and really look forward to following along. By the way, I thought you did a great job on the banana. Best of Luck, JJ

  3. Lee says:

    Wow! What a whirlwind of activity. I am enjoying your blog and look forward to many more. You set your date and you have accomplished so much…give self and family lots of hugs and pats on the back.

  4. Lauren Rowland (for Avril) says:

    Hi Maddie,
    I really miss you and I want to go sailing with you sometime. I hope you have a safe trip. We’re having a lot of fun at school. I hope you’re having a lot of fun too.
    Love, Avril

  5. Aubrey Phillips says:

    WHEW!!!! Congrats! And just love to think of you all sleeping on the boat and sailing off into the sunset:)

  6. Douglas says:

    Congratulations Guys ,,,, My wife and I will continue to enjoy reading your blog .

    Phew ,,,,, all that work, will pay great dividends, may God Bless your voyage !

    Wishing you many happy times ahead ,,,,,

    Douglas and Lang , Singapore

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