We made it . . . sort of, anyway

October 12, 2009

Fishing Bay Yacht Club

Well, slow internet precludes me from adding pictures and video (or at least that is my excuse!)

We made it off the dock on Friday.  Really, we did.  At 10 am on Friday, we splashed the boat (that means put it in the water).  Frantic packing and stowing ensued while the kids got in all the screen time they need for the next 8 months, and then we realized we could not humanly finish it all.  So we put aboard what needed to be there for the weekend, left the kayaks and the dinghy (and a lot of other stuff) behind, and set sail for the Turkey Shoot Regatta at 2 pm on Friday afternoon.  What a sail!

Wind between 15 and 20 knots, beam reach to close haul (for those non-sailors, AWESOME!!!!).  We made it the 18 miles to the regatta site in 3.5 hours, close to fully loaded for cruising.  (We had been planning on a 5-6 hour sail.)  The new staysail Kate and Bernie gave us a couple of years ago earned her keep bigtime – we sailed the whole way under reefed main and staysail.

And on Saturday we joined 139 other boats for the races . . . complete with a sister ship, Iduna, whose crew sailed with us at this race last year.  We feel really good about how we did, coming in 6th out of 19 boats in our class in winds that people with wind speed indicators clocked at as high as 27 knots.  Cloudy skies and full load did not stop us from sailing hard!  Sunday was a pursuit race in sunny skies, 70 degree temps, and . . . almost no wind.  Only 10 boats in the entire fleet finished on time.  Ah well – we tried and did our best.

Today (Monday) was forecast to be north winds (behind us) 15-20 knots.  HAH!!!  Iduna calls it weatherguessers . . . east-southeast winds 15-20 (at least they got the strength right) so we BEAT into it down the river BLECH.  And COLD, too – maybe a high of 65?  In 20 knots of wind?  Brr.  And overcast.  Yuck.  The return to FBYC took every bit of 5 hours.  And then more packing, and stowing, and removing, and sorting, and organizing, and stowing . . . we will likely leave on Wednesday (after more packing and stowing and reorganizing and last-minute-buying of things).

It is definitely time to head south.

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3 Responses to We made it . . . sort of, anyway

  1. MA Essex says:

    Enjoy…..lots of love..

  2. Tom Romer says:

    I hope you are making godspeed towards warmer weather. I fear you are huddled until layers of fleece and goretex in 40 degree drizzle, the weather we have had for the last two days and another one forecast for tomorrow.
    Miss you. Sadie and Belle are warm and dry (well fed too!)

  3. Louise says:

    Hi Nica,
    All sounds wonderful! Very exciting, all of it! Hope the homeschooling is going well. Spent any time in the dinghy yet?
    What is your user name and password for surveymonkey? Can’t get at the attrition survey…

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