Arrive Elizabeth City, NC

Spent the morning at the Great Dismal Swamp North Carolina Welcome Center. Then headed through the South Mills lock out of the Dismal Swamp canal and into the Pasquotank River and down to Elizabeth City.

Position reports here:

At 10/16/2009 9:45 PM (utc) our position was 36°17.90’N 076°13.10’W

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3 Responses to Arrive Elizabeth City, NC

  1. Aubrey Phillips says:

    hurrah!!! saw dave hawkes yesterday for girls well visit – chatted about you all – am going to send him the link to the blog 🙂 love aub

  2. Lee says:

    Hey there…you are doing it now! Look for our friends on Dot’s Way, I believe you are near them. Also Rachel and Barefootin’…..Hope you are warm enough, though it won’t be long before you are in shorts and b-suits. love lee

  3. Anhinga says:

    Calypso! Calypso! Anhina!

    We drop you four at the lagoon 2000 10-24.

    Get up 0830 10-25 and find you WERE at Cape Fear’s mouth 0525. WOW. Must have been thru Snow’s Cut and out in the full ebb around maybe, 0300?

    15-20 NE offshore?
    Single reef and staysail?
    Savannah if the weather holds??
    Staying tuned !!

    Julian and Maddie – Sure enjoyed meeting you two ”spirited” young souls!. You’re very lucky to have adventurous parents taking you on a wonderful ride you will never forget!

    Now, before you cross the Gulf Stream … I Spy a Dragon. What is it, and where is it?

    Love and Happy Halloween from Bruce & Anne

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