Sailing terminology and SUNSHINE!!!!

October 19, 2009

Oriental, NC

Whoo hoo!  We have made good progress south, taking advantage of those nasty cold north winds.  All of us are looking forward to the splurge at the docks in Beaufort tomorrow night, with showers and laundry and water and courtesy cars and a pirate museum and laundry and showers and showers and showers . . .

Quick video for you – and I have more to edit and post – from last week – this one is from the Turkey Shoot Regatta (or on the way there, anyway!)

So for you non-sailors . . . sailing is an exercise in trying to bend the wind to where you want to go.  There is no way to sail directly into the wind (think about it).  Instead you sail either as close to the wind as you can go (called close hauled or beating), with the wind at your side (beam on – a beam reach – about 90 degrees from the wind), or sailing with the wind at your back (broad reach, running, or even wing-on-wing).  If you have to beat into the wind, you end up sailing about 2x the distance as you TACK back and forth, getting ever-closer (if you are lucky).

We have been taking advantage of the NORTH winds to sail south.  Anyone trying to go north lately (!!!???  Are they nuts???) has been trying in vain as the winds have been STRONG northerly.  Those 15-25 knots of wind (like 20-30 miles per hour) in your face are far, far worse than when they are scooting you along toward your destination.  We have made about 40 miles a day, which when our top speed is 6 miles per hour means a long day.

Trip has gone well so far, cold notwithstanding.  Highlights have to have been the Dismal Swamp, sails from Deltaville to Hampton and from Belhaven to Oriental, and the SUN today! (really – first time this trip.)

Great places to check on . . . the Great Dismal Swamp (awesome!), the Albemarle and Pamlico Sounds, and Oriental, North Carolina.

Jeremy is using his ham license to regularly (like daily) update our position reports.  I am using my ham license to (duh) talk . . . on the waterway net every day.  Love it.

Okay.  Time to go pump the head, make beds, brush teeth, and get into bed.  Yes, it is 8:30 pm.  Way past bedtime.  Tomorrow is another day (this one with SHOWERS!!!  And laundry!!!!)  Bet you never knew things so mundane could elicit such excitement . . . ah the reasons to go cruising!

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5 Responses to Sailing terminology and SUNSHINE!!!!

  1. Stephanie & Jerry says:

    Say hello to our new baby as you pass the Oriental harbor. We’ll be down to get her Nov. 6 (brrrrr) to sail her back up to Deltaville. Wishing we were following you on down to the tropics… Clear skies tonight should mean a good view of the meteor shower if you’re up that late. Enjoy!

  2. Sharon & Ric says:

    Don’t get too cozy in Beaufort. We’ve had friends who liked it so much they just stayed. Keep your eyes on the southern horizon.

  3. ben says:

    glad to see your progress. we’re hanging out with rod and lenora in baltimore… leavin here sunday, following in your wake, a few weeks behind! we’ll keep an eye on your blog for all the good spots to go 😉

  4. Anhinga says:

    Calypso – Calypso … Anhinga

    Get up 0830 10-25 and find you WERE at Cape Fear’s mouth 0525. WOW. Must have been thru Snow’s Cut and out in the full ebb around maybe, 0300?

    15-20 NE offshore?
Single reef and staysail?
Savannah (or better) if the weather holds??
Staying tuned !!

    Julian and Maddie – Sure enjoyed meeting you two ‘’spirited” young souls!. You’re very lucky to have adventurous parents taking you on a wonderful ride you will never forget!

    Now, before you cross the Gulf Stream … I Spy a Dragon. What is it, and where is it?

    Love and Happy Halloween from Bruce & Anne

    PS-Had to resubmit this, original ended up on an earlier page for some unknown reason.

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