A southin’ we will go, a southin’ we will go . . .

October 24, 2009

Anchored at Carolina Beach, North Carolina

We have had a few great days of sunshine and easy motoring south.  A couple of times we have been able to pull out the jib and get some help from the wind, but mostly the last couple of days it has been motor motor motor.  We did manage to escape Beaufort (hard to do – it’s a great spot) and are now just south of Wilmington, North Carolina.  Yesterday was a short day but a little harder – bridges, currents, and an ever-increasing south (on the nose) wind.  Today we will stay put, puttering and doing school and some boat projects – the wind is supposed to howl from the south today and tonight so we are choosing to wait for a change.

Some pictures for you, and a video:

Motoring to Oriental

Motoring to Oriental

Morning dolphins!

Morning dolphins!

Gorgeous sunrise at Topsail Inlet

Gorgeous sunrise at Topsail Inlet

So we indeed arrived in Beaufort, indeed splurged at the docks, spent a day washing the boat and doing laundry and getting ice cream and going to the North Carolina Maritime Museum and having showers.  The first dolphin sighting of the trip happened as we were waiting for the bridge to open into Beaufort.

Dolphins have accompanied us frequently as we make our way south.  They seem to enjoy fishing in the channel of the ICW, and we think they must be aware that we have kids on board as they come and play a bit when the kids scream DOLPHINS!!!!

Highlights (other than dolphins and herons and pelicans) have included dinner on board Querida Grande, with Tim and Pam (Tim and my dad went to high school together, and Tim and Pam cruised their boat to the Med a few years ago – I think that that fact has made it easier for my parents to (sort of) not freak out about our trip), sundowners on Calypso with the crew of Rachabel (with daughter Rachel too), and dinner last night with Bruce and Anne, former BCC owners who live here in Carolina Beach.

FYI – Jeremy is updating positions almost daily, so even if there is not a new blog entry you can see where we are.  If you click a few times on the position report after a map comes up, it gets really detailed and cool-looking.  Enjoy!

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6 Responses to A southin’ we will go, a southin’ we will go . . .

  1. Sharon & Ric says:

    Are you planning to stay in the ICW all the way to Florida? or pop out earlier?

  2. nicawaters says:

    would love to hop off and ride along the coast if we get the right weather window – ICW south from here gets shoaly and tide/current crazy. But if the weather is not good we’ll keep truckin’ along inside. We’ll keep everyone posted!

  3. Stephanie & Jerry says:

    Love the videos. Feels like we’re there with you.

  4. Reta Blanchard says:

    Hi All…..Love your pictures……and love the
    blog and map……..I am following you along.

    Love Reta

  5. Marion Hills says:

    Hi Nica and family! This BLOG is great! Thanks for sending it ot!

    -Marion Hills

  6. Jeff Hills says:

    Want a dock to tie up to for a shower and a meal on the ICW side of Amelia Island? My friend Jim Flynn has the next to last dock going south on Amelia Island Plantation. If I remember correctly there is one more dock and then about a half mile of shore before the next bridge. If you call me and want some elegant shore time (or at least a meal and a shower) I’ll call him for the GPS numbers and tell him he’s got a chance to use his expensive dock for something useful. He’s a friend of mine and your Dad’s from the Field Club. Hope you’re not already south of there.

    Jeff Hills

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