Underrway – offshore hop

Headed out the Cape Fear River inlet this morning to do a coastal hop. Cold front came through last night and now have NE winds. was forecast to be 15-20 kts; had a good sail out this morning, but wind has subsided to 5-10 this afternoon – so we’re motoring now. It’s forecast to pick up to 15-20 gusting 25 tonight… we’ll see. Will continue along the coast as long as it remains comfortable. Possible bail out points include Georgetown SC, Charleston SC, Hilton Head SC, Savannah GA, Brunswick SC, St Mary’s SC. If we continue to St Mary’s, it will be a Tue PM arrival (2 days from now).

Jeremy, Nica, Julian, and Maddie

At 10/25/2009 6:32 PM (utc) our position was 33°45.70’N 078°33.10’W Position reports and track:

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2 Responses to Underrway – offshore hop

  1. KTorg says:

    You might enjoy this blog I am following:


    Jessica left Australia last Saturday and, at the age of 16, is attempting to be the youngest person to ever sail around the world without stopping.

  2. Lauren Rowland (for Avril) says:

    Hi Madi! Its me Avril! Mom is not typing this time. Where are you? What are you doing for fun? Are you nervous? Have you had any storms? Oh yeah, Jack misses you. I do to. Bye Avril

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