Closing in on Halloween!

October 28, 2009

At anchor in Charleston, SC, looking for the day’s first dolphins!

Cruising is all about adventures, some good and some less fun.  We put-putted our way in here yesterday, past Fort Sumter and amid cries (from Julian) of, “LOOK!!! Another aircraft carrier!” and, “dolphins!”.  In the morning, before coming through the swing bridge outside of Charleston that will, for maintenance, in two weeks close down the ICW for 2 weeks (ooh, nice sentence, Nica), I saw a bald eagle majestically soar in front of our bow.  My first.  Way cool.

And we arrived in the harbor, declining to spend $2 a foot to stay at the aptly-named MegaDock marina.  No cruisers here anchored, instead another Boot Key wanna-be harbor of derelict boats where people live.  You are not allowed to purchase showers from the marina (just $5 a day to dock the dinghy) as they don’t want to make it easy for people to plain live on their boats here.  Shades of Florida in South Carolina.

Then on to the land adventure of the afternoon.  We headed ashore and found the city bus route, hopped aboard the first one that came along (withg a VERY friendly and helpful driver, thank goodness – don’t know where we would have ended up oitherwise!) and made our way across town and across the Cooper River to Patriot’s Poiint and the highlight of Julian’s day with a couple of hours touring the USS Yorktown (yes, that aircraft carrier he saw from the water).  The downside to all of that – I forgot to bring snacks with us, the rain started to pour just as we would have headed to the bus stop for the (hourly) bus, and the 6:23 bus was 20 minutes late (mosquitoes and no-see-ums, anyone?).  Still, made friends on the bus, made it back to the boat, and dessert before dinner made the 8:30 beef stew not so terrible.

Today we are off to find the bakery and go to the SC Aquarium before catching the last of the tide/last of the bridge openings to get a little further along our route, which is now focused on where a good place will be for Halloween.  I will definitely pack SNACKS to take with us today!

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2 Responses to Closing in on Halloween!

  1. Rod Bruckdorfer says:

    It was good to read about your adventure this morning. The weather in Baltimore yesterday was wet, damp and cold. Hopefully, you are experiencing warmer weather. Your adventure with Charleston marinas and anchorages is occurring more and more along the east coast, especially, as you move south through Florida. Do you have the late Skipper Bob’s guide for anchorage along the east coast? Ben Eriksen aboard BCC Elizabeth swears by it – .


    Lost in Never Never Land

  2. Lee says:

    We love Charleston! Hope you found the great Greek Bakery over near the aquarium. We also had a very pleasant stay at the Charleston Maritime Center Marina on the Cooper River. Not too expensive and walking distance from everything. Perhaps on your way back. Great to hear about your travels, you are making great time. Fair winds to you all. xoxo Lee

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