Halloween shenanigans

October 30, 2009

Or perhaps, what we do with Halloween as the excuse . . .

We are tied to the dock in Beaufort, SC (pronounced differently than the one in NC . . . go figure).  Jeremy wanted to flush out the engine in hopes of solving the overheating problem, and we really did not want to get further south (huh?) than Hilton Head and its decent ocean inlet (even though we are heading OUT into the ocean, it is called an inlet) and we wanted water and the kids wanted a good place to trick or treat . . . and so we are busting the budget again at a dock.  Bonuses – we have a courtesy car to access the grocery store, and we now have an excuse to go up on the porches of the historic homes here in Beaufort as the kids bring back more candy than they will see the rest of the trip (and I will find the wrappers tucked into bizarre places for the next 10 years.)  Add to that the fact that as of right now the weather looks like it will be perfect for an offshore run on Sunday and Monday . . . excuses excuses.

Two nights ago we were anchored by our lonesomes in the marshes of South Carolina.  We put kayaks in the water for the kids and laughed as they paddled out of sight, locatable only by the sightings of paddles above the grasses.  And the first boat showers of the trip happened, jumping overboard and lathering up and jumping overboard again to rinse, followed by a rinse with fresh water.  Gee, wonder why the boat smells better!

Last night the kayaks came out again for the kids, though the current was running too fast to risk jumping in. Nice to feel like we want to swim, though!  And today, at long last, Julian got a haircut (he probably qualified for locks of love).  Whew.

Jeremy flushed the engine and thinks he has at least mitigated the overheating issue, we all had “real” showers, and tomorrow we will have clean laundry.  Add that to the fact that kids will be costumed and ready to ring doorbells – should be a good day with lots of pictures to share.  Sorry I have been so lax.

One drag – no pumpkins to be found in the stores around here.  There must be a massive pumpkin shortage because everyone tells me there have been no orange jack-o-lanterns-to-be to be found for the past 2 weeks.  Hmm, what can substitute?

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2 Responses to Halloween shenanigans

  1. Tom says:

    Robert, Paul and I were back in your neighborhood, hoofing up and down Holkham in search of treats. As in the past, the neighborhood was decked out in Haloween splendor. We saw Hope at her house. The boys made a good haul. The boys were a bit reluctant to knock at your house since you were not there, but I encouraged them and we met Melissa.
    The weather was extremely balmy and the rain held off.

  2. James samford says:

    This is fantastic. I look forward to living vicariously through you all for the next several months (years?) …

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