Pictures (finally!) and updates . . . FLORIDA!!!!

November 3, 2009

Anchored off St. Augustine, FL

Oh so much to add here . . . but I will start with pictures, so those so inclined can skip my words!

ICW sights

Pelicans, cormorants, and bridges . . . the ICW in a nutshell

Julian and Maddie kayaking near Beaufort, SC

Beaufort, SC halloween 2009

Julian and Maddie trick or treating in historic Beaufort, SC

Atlantic sunset off Georgia coast We sailed offshore from Beaufort, SC (out the Port Royal inlet, just north of Hilton Head island) for a fast passage south to the St. Mary’s River.  Tides and currents prevented us from going to Jacksonville’s inlet, so we arrived in the dark and were anchored in Fernandina Beach by 6 am.  Up an moving again by 10!

This picture to the left (I hope) is of the sunset off the Georgia coast – a reward for going offshore (though the full moon and great wind made it a very peaceful and enjoyable passage!)



Halloween 2009 pumpkins

Yes, we found pumpkins to carve!

Julian at USS Yorktown

Julian and the Yorktown, Charleston, SC

Ponce de Leon statue, St Augustine, FL

Oldest city in the US, and happy cruisers

Before I forget . . . thanks to so many who have posted suggestions and sent “go see this” our way.  We will start posting our possible plans (because cruiser plans are set in mud, don’t you know – weather and wind dependent!) because these ideas are painful to read about when we are long past!  So . . .  we should be in St. Augustine for the day tomorrow, then wind our way down to Marc’s place in Melbourne by Sunday at the latest.  Likely we will stay put there for 3 or 4 days, reprovisioning for the Bahamas and sightseeing, then head south from there to look for a weather window to cross the Gulf Stream.  Our hope is that we will be able to head east to West End, Grand Bahama, from Lake Worth Inlet (so right now we are not planning to go to Lauderdale or Miami!)  Any ideas of where to go or who to stop and meet are much appreciated . . . and we will keep these already made for when we are headed north again in the spring.

St. Augustine is a really cool city, and the municipal marina makes it extremely easy to enjoy as well.  We are anchored out (looking forward to getting south away from these crazy tides and currents!) but the dinghy dock is close by, people are friendly, the dinghy dockage fee includes showers (beautiful, hot water plentiful showers) as well as trash disposal, and there is a free pumpout dock.  Plus the dolphins fish the tides and seem to know people are watching them.  An aquarium show never looked this good.

Made our budget for the month of October.  Will post details when I have them entered into the computer.  Sending lots of hugs to all we know . . . and raising a glass to those we have yet to meet!

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4 Responses to Pictures (finally!) and updates . . . FLORIDA!!!!

  1. Rod Bruckdorfer says:

    I was pleased to learn you had a good offshore voyage. Lenora and I enjoy reading about your adventures. “Showers” is the magic word for all cruisers. One can not appreciated what a shower means to a sailor unless you have sailed several days wearing the same set of clothes and are salt encrusted from sea air and water spray coming into the cockpit. I am surprised you are not going further south before you cross the “great blue god.”
    Fair Winds and Safe Voyages.

  2. Rod Bruckdorfer says:

    Gulf Stream Plots:

    The stream is flowing at about 1 meter/second along the Florida coast, i.e. ~3.6 mph. The great blue god is about 50 miles wide at 27N Lat. If it takes 10 hours to cross the stream, the boat will be set almost 40 miles north, assuming the course is 90 degrees to the current.

    Fair Winds.

  3. Jennifer Jordan says:

    Hi! Been following along avidly – Congrats on making it to FL! Whoo Hoo! St. Augustine is beautiful and has lots to see and do – make sure you take the kids to the fort. Totally understand on the showers nothing like warm CLEAN water falling over you 😉
    Safe Travels and wishing you all the best, JJ

  4. Jennifer Jordan says:

    P.S. your pictures are wonderful!

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