On the move again . . . ain’t it great to be back on the move again!

November 18, 2009

Anchored at “Peck Lake”, mile marker 992

Whoo whoo!  After a glorious week at brother-in-law Marc’s house, we finally shoved off from his dock yesterday morning at about 9:30.  The week was filled with showers, laundry, driving a truck, engine projects and other projects, grocery shopping, fishing tackle shopping, stowing all the stuff, school in the house, visit to the Space Center and a watching of the shuttle launch, beach trips, and so much more.  Way, way, way over budget (but filled to the brim with food and all that we could possibly need), we are happy to be on the move again but so very grateful to Marc and Colleen for the hospitality.

Tomorrow we will go about 30 miles further south, to anchor at Lake Worth Inlet and wait for what appears to be a weather window opening up this weekend.  If we have internet access, I will post a few more details; if not, my next post will likely be from the Bahamas!!!

Fridge is packed with all kinds of goodies, including (of course) requisite provisions for an all-American Thanksgiving dinner.  I will most decidedly take pictures of our groaning table.

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3 Responses to On the move again . . . ain’t it great to be back on the move again!

  1. Rod Bruckdorfer says:

    Nica, Jeremy, Julian, Madeleine safe voyage, fair winds and many months of sunshine. The tropical adventure begins.

    Happy Thanksgiving,


  2. Jeff Hills says:

    Are you stopping at Bimini? For fishing off a sailboat, I’d be trolling a big (6 inches or more) jointed Rebel. Dolphin love that lure.
    Jeff Hills

  3. Mark says:

    Rod, Jeremy and “the crew” Fair winds from the cubicle bound in NY. Good to see you guys at the Hospice Race…living the dream through the blog only at this point.

    SV Grey Seal

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