On the banks

We are through the Gulf Stream and most of the way across the Little Bahama Bank on our way to Walkers Cay. We had sloppy confused seas in Gulf Stream – which made for some exciting moments in the first couple of hours out of Lake Worth. We had solid waves/water coming over the bow which dislodged the dinghy on the foredeck – followed by MOB antics to recover a type IV cushion that the dinghy had been resting on – followed by Jeremy’s acrobatics to re-secure the dinghy while still underway. Turns out the first 10 miles out of Lake Worth was the worst of it. Sea state layed down as we got clear of the coast. Wind held at just under 10 kts out of the south; Gulf Stream drift was less than 2 kts; and shipping was minimal. We crossed onto the bank at White Sand Ridge around 7:30 pm and had a magical quiet sail on the bank over night. This morning the wind completely died and we are now motoring the last few miles to Walkers.

Kids are excited… we all are!

At 11/23/2009 11:38 AM (utc) our position was 27°08.83’N 078°33.27’W Position reports and track:

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3 Responses to On the banks

  1. Cindy S says:

    Sounds like an amazing trip. Enjoy every minute. I know we are all enjoying the read! Kiss those Bahamian beaches for me. I miss them.

  2. Rod Bruckdorfer says:

    Super Great, we are happy for Calypso, well done, well done.

  3. Ric & Sharon says:

    Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving.
    Enjoy the tropics.

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