Week almost 1 in the Bahamas!

November 27, 2009
At anchor, Double Breasted Cays in the Abacos

Almost a week, and we are settling into a routine in the Bahamas. Sunshine has ruled all but one of the days here, and that rainy day allowed for more movie watching than we have had in a month. Our days begin with radio time (ham and SSB), beginning at 7 am with the BASRA weather net, continuing on to the Waterway Net, and ending up with the Cruiseheimers Net. Then it is school, lunch, and some kind of exploration or another. Of course, boat projects worm in there – laundry, navtex installation, a place to hang fishing rods, windbugger maintenance . . .

Thanksgiving yesterday made me very aware that we usually celebrate that oh-so-American holiday with an appreciation of excess or abundance. Yes, indeed. We had an abundance of sunshine, an abundance of free time. We enjoyed an abundance of fresh water (thank you so very much, Lee and Chris – the watermaker is working well!) as well as an abundance of electricity (which we have to produce all ourselves – and the wind and wind generator gave us LOTS yesterday!). Of course, we had an abundance of food (how could it be Thanksgiving without stuffed bellies?). We had turkey and stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, peas and carrots, cranberry sauce. AND 2 pies for dessert, complete with freshly whipped cream. Too bad none of you were here to enjoy it with us. We had an abundance of together time, although we were missing more extended family. Hope you all had a wonderful day of abundance as well.

So far, we have seen little of the Abacos. Some of that has been choice, some of that weather. Tomorrow we hope to move on from this fabulous, solitary anchorage to find more beaches and a new vista. We are pretty much nowhere near civilization, so family looking to hear from us via phone should know that we will call when we are able; otherwise, assume we have no telephone access.

Hope to post another blog soon with pictures, if not a video. I’d imagine that will happen Christmas week at the latest. Meanwhile, we are thinking of all of you, missing you but not in any way the colder weather up north.

At 11/23/2009 10:51 PM (utc) our position was 27°11.70’N 078°17.20’W Position reports and track:

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One Response to Week almost 1 in the Bahamas!

  1. Reta Blanchard says:

    Happy Holidays to all of you. I hope all the
    Vermont and New Jersey Chapmans arrived safe and sound.

    Have a wonderful time and I will be thinking of all
    of you.

    Love Reta

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