Carters Cay & Moraine Cay

Stopped at Carters Cay for a lunch stop. Carters Cay used to host a US missile tracking station – now long abandoned. The anchorage has a sand bar at the entrance so we anchored outside and dinghied in. There were several fishing boats moored in the inner anchorage, but no signs of life. Did some bushwhacking through the ruins of the base – the overgrowth blocked access to much of it. Still quite amazing to find generators abandoned in place; and the shear expanse of the facility – it apparently accommodated ~150 men in its day. Circumnavigated Carters Cay by dinghy – saw several sharks – and stranded ourselves for 20 minutes trudging around in ankle deep water. Back to the boat, up anchor, and onwards to Moraine Cay. Did some trolling along the way and picked up a nice yellow tail snapper for supper. Much dinner conversation ensued about where our food comes from – and comments from the kids about how much more palatable shrink wrapped hamburger (origins unknown) is in the supermarket than fresh caught and butchered snapper. Arrived at Moraines at sundown. We’ll explore in the morning. Surprised to see permanent structures (houses) on the island (although no one home) – was expecting this place to be uninhabited (well I guess it technically is). Most of the day was dead calm – glassy seas. Strong cold front expected Wed night – forecast calling for 20-30 kts… we’ll start planning for that tomorrow.

At 11/29/2009 11:03 PM (utc) our position was 27°02.30’N 077°46.30’W Position reports and track:

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3 Responses to Carters Cay & Moraine Cay

  1. Rod Bruckdorfer says:

    Our supermarkets have sanitized the food chain.

    I am enjoying reading your posts about you adventures. The 9 month period allotted for your adventure will go all to fast. Give my regards to the kids.

    I am jealous because IDUNA is hauled for the winter, it’s cold and wet today and Calypso is sailing in tropical waters.

  2. Susan says:

    Hi Guys,
    I am so enjoying your postings and adventure; whenever I need to ‘escape’ from work for a few minutes I pull up your blog to see what you’ve been up to. The Halloween photos were great, although that’s when I realize how much I miss seeing you for those events. (And experiencing Julian/Maddie antics!)
    And if they have any artwork, not already shared, I’d love to have one of their original Bahama pieces! My fridge has been so bare without their masterpieces to adorn it!
    Love to all.

  3. Stephanie says:

    Ah, Carters Cay. Brings back fond memories for Jerry, who was based on Carter with only 3 other people for a year in the 80s, part of his stint in the Abacos working on – you guessed it – the missle tracking program out of Canaveral, and for me who spent a month there with him. it was mostly ruins then but it was restricted access – no one allowed ashore except in emergencies. Weird to think of it completely abandoned.

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