Moraine Cay

Moraine is quite a wonderful place. If you want to check it out (and have the means) you can apparently rent the island, as there are signs for hanging on the two vacant bungalows on the island. There are two very nice beaches, a few groomed trails (they must have a bush hog in the shed), and excellent reefs just a few hundred feet from shore.

We did a family snorkel on the reefs off the west coast beach and speared the mother of all (TM*) lobster (pictures to follow when we have internet access). We also found a nice small plastic bucket – although much too small for the lobster…

I walked all the way around the island – the beaches were easy going, but there was lots of sharp limestone (bring serious footwear) – the usual mission is to find the most interesting flotsam. There is no shortage of flotsam on any of these cays – usually of a plastic nature – bottles, nets, hawsers, and an assortment of commercial fishing gear… today’s find was a nice fender for the boat , an almost new Hawaiian sling launcher, and a nice trip line float for the anchor.

Moraine is just a mile or two from the coral barrier reef along the northwestern edge of the Little Bahama Bank – where it drops off to the deep Atlantic (i.e. next stop – Portugal). We headed out by dinghy to experience the heavy surf and amazing reefs up close and personal. The surf was unimpressive (it’s been calm lately), but the reefs were amazing. Being this far out from land and any other living person in a small inflatable dinghy certainly reinforces the notion of human frailty in the face of nature’s unforgiving potential – a hand held VHF radio and a couple bottles of water being our only safety net.

We also tried our hand at cast fishing off the west side beach at sun down. I’d seen bonefish close in to the beach earlier in the day. No luck – but fun none the less.

Looks like we are in for a blow Wed night – 20-30 knots forecast… We probably should have moved on from Moraine today to stage ourselves for a good hole tomorrow – but this is a hard place to leave. we’ll roll the dice and pick a hole to duck into tomorrow.

* credits to the late Saddam Hussein

At 11/29/2009 11:03 PM (utc) our position was 27°02.30’N 077°46.30’W Position reports and track:

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4 Responses to Moraine Cay

  1. Aubrey Phillips says:

    Happy post Thanksgiving seretonin haze! We shared the cooler weather with you over last week both in VA and from Orlando! Kids all loving following your posts and we talk about you all all the time. Much love and happy lobster ( crawfish you know – no claws!!) Aub

  2. Rod Bruckdorfer says:

    I believe sailors, true sailors, roll the dice frequently to pit their luck against mother nature. I am thrilled to see the crew come together – “one hand for the ship and one hand for you.” You are all awesome. For you older folks, cool and groovy man. I suspect your friends, as do we, wait for every post to share you adventures.

  3. Hoovler says:

    An awesome adventure you’re all having — I’m sporadically living vicariously through the posts and the satellite view of the positioning points. 🙂 You’re not missing any good weather here — cold, wind, rain. Keep enjoying, and my continued best wishes!!

  4. Lee says:

    While reading your blog I feel myself breathing more deeply and vicariously feeling the peace of a new pace, a walk around the island, time with family, an elemental existence, excitement mixed with such beauty. Ahhhhh! Good to hear all about it. Glad to hear the water maker is working for you. all love and peace, lee

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