Manjack Cay

We jumped from Allans Pensacola to Manjack this morning – a 21 nautical mile run. Wind was from the south, so it was a bit of a beat, but a pleasant sail nonetheless. The forecast is for an extended period of southerly wind, which limits anchorage selection. Consequently we had to skip Powell Cay – but hope to check it out in the coming weeks before xmas. Manjack is another uninhabited cay. We have, however, entered the limits of charter boat navigation, as there were 3 Sunsail boats in the anchorage with us earlier today. The beach here on the NW end of Manjack is pretty prime. There were a couple small nurse sharks swimming in the very skinny water along the beach, with their dorsal fins breaking the water surface. The guides we have suggest that there are trails inland – we’ll explore more tomorrow.

At 12/3/2009 10:12 PM (utc) our position was 26°50.50’N 077°23.50’W Position reports and track:

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3 Responses to Manjack Cay

  1. Rod Bruckdorfer says:

    Hopefully, the crews on the charter boats know how to anchor – 20 lb danforth, 6 ft 1/4 chain and 5 ft of rode in 10 ft of water. Based on your position, you are close to civilization. We are enjoying reading about your adventure. I winterized the boat’s engine, head and potable water system yesterday. Wish I were there with IDUNA. Ben should be approaching the Florida (St. Augustin) coast now. Teresa is still sailing in company on her Nor’sea 27.

  2. Bill Herrington says:

    I like your blog and am a fan of the cutter so you’re invited to come ashore and meet the “uninhabitants” of Manjack Cay. Our home is at the south end, main anchorage, and we have the best nature trails .

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