Manjack (revisted), Green Turtle, and No Name Cays

We moved down to the Manjack/Crab Cay anchorage on Friday… and in the morning, the friendly uninhabitants of Manjack came out to greet us. Bill and Leslie have been living on Manjack for 18 years – so it’s quite amusing that the guides continue to indicate that the island is uninhabited. They invited us ashore to explore their island paradise – which included a slip/slide into the water for the kids, a trail to the ocean side beach (beautiful/well-kept – meaning no plastic), and a guided tour of their gardens. Manjack is reputably now the fastest growing island in the Bahamas!

Saturday the wind piped up from the South and promised to continue clocking to the West with an approaching front, so we picked up the hook expecting to putt-putt down to neighboring Green Turtle. However, as we cleared the anchorage, the fresh breeze and sharp chop proved too much for our diminutive Sabb motor, and we elected to set sail and tack our way over to Great Abaco and back. This proved to be quite a nice sail. We tucked into Black Sound for the night and the frontal passage. We also stocked up on a few provisions, this being our first stint of civilization in 2 weeks. As luck would have it, Sat night was also the local Christmas golf cart parade, with wildly decorated and lighted carts.

Sunday we awoke to rain and drizzle in the wake of the front. Even on such a dreary day, I prefer beaches, so we moved on to No Name Cay, and again another day of total solitude. No Name has a tiny beach and an interior lagoon that used to be used for turtle farming.

Today we moved on to Bakers Bay at Great Guana Cay. This required a short jog out to “blue” water – although conditions were quite tame in the wake of the front. Bakers Bay has seen life in many forms – years ago it was a cruise ship stop – and it still has a marked deep water channel that was used by large cruise ships. For the past several years, it has been the subject of controversial development by a developer intent on creating an exclusive island destination. To be seen if this venture endures. Construction was in full swing 4+ years ago when we were last here – and it still looks and sounds like a construction zone…

At 12/7/2009 10:52 PM (utc) our position was 26°41.40’N 077°09.70’W
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One Response to Manjack (revisted), Green Turtle, and No Name Cays

  1. Jeff Hills says:

    Nica – Marion and I are enjoying your posts. We look every day! We spent so much time on Harbour Island … so we take a special interest in your Bahamian events. I passed along your name to Jack Koch who has a house at South Bar on Harbour Island. He’s on the internet all the time. I bet he’ll read your posts … he’d be a nice contact if you decide to visit Harbour Island. They have a nice anchorage at South Bar (about a half mile south of Valentine’s around the corner. You can probably get a shower, too.

    Jeff Hills

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