Boring update (sorry)

December 14, 2009

At anchor outside Hope Town harbour, Elbow Cay

We bob here quietly (no wind to speak of, although enough to keep no-see-ums away), letting the dinner dishes dry in the air.  MoonDoggy, the catamaran chartered by Anik (Jeremy’s mom), Marc and Colleen, is anchored next to us.  Tomorrow after the rest of the checkout procedure for the boat (after 3.5 hours today!!!) we will head off to somewhere else in the Abacos, likely a spot we have already traversed in Calypso.

The Abacos is pretty neat so far, although the area we are in now is far more “civilized” than that where we started.  It is great to have access to fresh veggies and meats, but the downside is that we are tempted by such things more than we are when we can’t see them.   I was fine cooking with all my “long term” stuff when I didn’t see fresh chicken or lettuce in the stores!

Laundry price update, and rum . . . Laundry (in a machine) at Man’O’War Cay is $5 a load (that’s just to wash – and when you figure in the cost of our water making and the hatred factor when it comes to my doing laundry in a bucket – bring it on).  No rum or beer available at MOW (dry island).  Rum at Green Turtle Cay (a liter of Mount Gay) –  $16.50.  Liter of Barbancourt at GTC – $14.50.  Rum at Hope Town (Mt Gay, liter) – $18.75.  Cuban rum available at Hope Town as well ($25).  Case of Kalik (Bahamian beer) in Hope Town – $43.

Okay, an aside here.  Yes, $43 a case is expensive.  BUT (you knew it was coming, didn’t you?) that’s for a 24 bottle case.  At home we don’t drink cheap beer in cans – we buy Heineken or Corona or (as a splurge) Presidente or Starr Hill.  Those come in 12 bottle “cases” that cost around $18 a pop.  So 24 of those would be $36.  Yeah, an extra $7 is an extra $7 – but it isn’t as if we are used to spending $10 for 24 beers.

We still stocked up before we left.  Apparently we are good at rationalizing.

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9 Responses to Boring update (sorry)

  1. Rod Bruckdorfer says:

    Barbancourt or Mount Gay, wherein lies the answer?

    The answer is quite simple – Barbancourt.


  2. Rod Bruckdorfer says:

    The Bahamian Rum Rations Agency (BRRA) has limited the crew of Calypso to 1 bottle of rum per month.

  3. Mark says:

    Hello Jeremy , Nica and kids,

    Enjoying the blog. Maybe some day I will make it as well. On the beer….spare no expense !
    I consider this one of the more critical staples. I usually buy beer at the convenience store by the six and pay a good $ 10 for Stella or Corona.
    I like Corana as well but let me quote form the Beer Lover’s Raitng guide on review of Corona
    “slightly fizzy acidity, very light airy and essentially tastelsss unless a slice of lime is added…hint of skunkiness….mass produced…cold and refreshing but so is water” Scores a 1.5 on a scale of 10. Feel better about Corona now?
    Have a Merry Christmas
    SV “Lightfoot”

  4. Ric & Sharon says:

    Snowing in Virginia!

    Sharon’s first sailing trip ever was in the Abacos. You’re bringing back wonderful memories of falling in love and falling in love with sailing.

    Merry Christmas!!

  5. Stephanie & Jerry says:

    Snowing here tonight – 4″ so far. School is out for winter break – should have seen the kids enjoying the start of the snow right at 3:35 pm – Everyone was so excited (me included). What perfect timing!
    Thinking of you all in the warmth & beauty of the Bahamas.
    Merry Christmas to you all and a very Happy New Year! Love, Steph, Jerry, Sean & Nick

  6. Jane & Dudley says:

    Oh, the memories come rushing back. Yes, and the practicalities of crusing : $5 a load or $5 beer or ? ? ?
    But then the fish are almost free and the scenery can’t be beat. ( Though right now it is a very pretty WHITE Landscape here. ) Merry Christmes to all of you and a Happy New Year.

  7. Jan says:

    I totally agree with Mark… beer is an critical item on any sail boat 🙂

    Merr Christmas and have a wonderful start to 2010… think of me when you hear about the Winter Olympics 🙂


  8. Elizabeth Staas says:

    Wow Nica…your journey sounds fabulous so far! We have enjoyed reading the updates to Charlotte and Olivia. I can imagine the expression on Julian and Maddie’s face when you tell them that this past weekend Charlottesville got over 2 feet of snow!!! We are chillin’ here and thinking happy holidays to all of you!

  9. Robert Martin says:

    GOOD LORD!! That’s a BIG BEER @ 24oz!! I’d LOVE to get me somma that!!! I can only hope that washing the clothes in that water didn’t turn the clothes the color OF the water…..;)

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