Musings from Governor’s Harbour

January 22, 2010

Governor’s Harbour, Eleuthera

I am amazed at how easily we are swayed by descriptions written/spoken by others, sometimes to our detriment, and sometimes to our great good fortune.

The main chart books down here are the Explorer Charts, a series of charts (maps for seagoing folk – details are in the water depth as opposed to roads) designed and produced by a couple who were cruising when we were last out here.  They are fabulous charts, including lots of very useful information about the places you might stop.

The rub, or maybe more accurately the caveat, is that the information included (other than water depths) is quite subjective (and not necessarily up-to-date – hardly the fault of the authors, who can’t be expected to get every place in the Bahamas – so we all need to help out!).  A place may be spoken of as “run down and untidy, with pea-green water that does nothing to enhance its appearance.”  We almost didn’t go in there – when we did, we found it to be a well-protected spot, with water color the same as that outside the harbor.  Yes, it is a little decrepit – but I would absolutely love to see what the authors have to say about Florida, say, or the Caribbean.  I also feel a bit sorry for the inhabitants, who may have a lot of cruisers by-passing the spot due to the off-putting nature of the writeup.

A place may also be written up as “charming and picturesque, tidy and welcoming.”  And our experience there was  . . .  a little more down to earth.

So what’s my lesson here?  Decide for yourself what you think of a place, not being swayed one way or another by what someone else has written.  Hard to do often, as we have to limit our anchorage choices due to time or weather.

And then there are the spoken comments.  We are in Governor’s Harbour in large part due to a friendly woman named Sandra who paddled out to see us at anchor in Alabaster Bay.  She is a Canadian transplant who lives much of the time in Governor’s Harbour (which was on our “stop” list anyway).  She raved so much about the community that we DEFINITELY had to stop – and we have been here, the only boat in the harbor, for 3 days.  We are staying through tonight because of the Friday night Fish Fry, which has been mentioned by every single person we have met here, from expat transplants like Sandra to the immigration official, Mr. La Roda, to Waide at the “laundrymat”, to the fisherman on the beach.   We’ll see – so far our extended stay here has led to chance encounters on the beach, a grand time at the library, fresh veg and meat, and a head-shaking sadness that other cruisers are not here as well (the “main” spot in Central Eleuthera is about 15 miles further south, at Rock Sound).

Until next time – likely to be from Rock Sound.

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3 Responses to Musings from Governor’s Harbour

  1. Mary Nally says:

    It was a pleasure meeting you all and getting to spend time with you, be it ever so short. It was a pleasant and refreshing experience to chat with Maddie and Julian and to listen to Julian as he described the wonders of the family adventure. The Harbor is quiet today and I hope your sailing is smooth as you continue your voyage to many wonderous places. If you are ever in the Boston area or Newport I would love to see you all again. Cheers, Mary Nally.

  2. Brian Wootton-Woolley says:

    Halloo to All aboard Calypso.
    Just received the link to your web site, sorry I missed seeing you in Man-O-War Cay before you left, but glad you are on your way and enjoying the Islands. I certainly agree 100%, with your recent posting, I personally have found that to be the case, “go and see for yourself”
    All the Best To All

  3. Claudia Sencer says:

    Hey All,
    Just checking in. So glad it’s being a great trip. Amazing photos. Wish I was there…..

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