Blue Holes of Rock Sound, Eleuthera

One of the major attractions of the Rock Sound settlement is the large ocean hole on the outskirts of town.  This hole is a couple hundred feet across and connects to the Atlantic Ocean via subterranean passage ways.  Indeed the water is salty and the tide rises and falls in tandem with the ocean.  Reportedly Jacques Cousteau explored for the passage to the ocean from this hole and came up empty.  This hole contains lots of gray snapper which perform for bread crumbs.  We went snorkeling in the hole, feeding the swarm of fish from our fingertips: 
DSC_0393 Stitch

Just south of town is another smaller hole, just off the road, in the woods.  A path led around the perimeter of this hole and off to an amazing cave system:


Several more holes abound around the waters of the sound.  This small one is just a few feet from the shoreline and drops to 20+ feet:

This one in the anchorage drops to 40+ feet:

We passed over this one with the boat on our way out, and the depth sounder went from 8 feet to off-soundings (our sounder works to 100-200 feet):

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One Response to Blue Holes of Rock Sound, Eleuthera

  1. Douglas says:

    These are wonderful photos , T Y .

    Why do you think Jacques C , did not find the sea opening to these pools ?

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