Quick thank you

Just a quick thanks to all who are posting comments – it is nice to know the blog is being read and enjoyed . . . we will harvest all email addresses and say hello “in person” at some point, but please know how much we enjoy knowing you are enjoying our adventure!  We know there are many out there silently reading – thank you too – but the comments are pretty neat.

Enjoy your evening . . . we have Thai curry chicken simmering on the stove and the lingering remains of a gorgeous sunset still in the sky.  We raise a glass of rum to you all!

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5 Responses to Quick thank you

  1. Emily Morrison says:

    Great to read about your trip and see your beautiful pictures! Experiencing some cabin fever up here…now I’ll know where to turn when the winter blues really hit this weekend (supposed to snow a foot, again!). Hallelujah for ADVENTURE!!!!

  2. Jim and julia says:

    Hi guys. We are enjoying reading your blog. Looks awesome. Best wishes. Jim, Julia and Jillian

  3. Stephanie & Jerry says:

    Beautiful photos, especially when you guys are in them! (Love the one of Maddie doing her homework.) It’s a lovely escape from looking outside at more snow.

  4. Marion Hills says:

    Hey – that was January 27 – and now it’s February 6th or something!

  5. Jennifer Jordan says:

    Hi! I am living thru you guys vicariously! Your pictures are beautiful and sailing descriptions wonderful. I am telling you from a work perspective and the virginia weather you made the right decision to leave work and virginia behind and travel the blue seas! Take care, JJ

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