February 8, 2010

Black Point, Exuma (Great Guana Cay)

Whoo whoo – kids owe us $1 million.  And they could not be happier.

A quick one . . . Jeremy will post with pictures soon.  We are completely enjoying (luxuriating in, even) our time with Osprey, a boat we first encountered in the ICW just north of Vero Beach.  They have 2 kids aboard, and our kids have found fast buddies.  Life is once again filled with smiles and laughs from Maddie; Julian has a Lego friend.  We have grownups to share trials and tribulations with.  Calypso has been bursting at the seams with 8 for dinner (and empty save for 2 grateful adults) as kids are on the beach or on Osprey.

Many, many cheers – enjoy the snow.

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2 Responses to KIDS!!!!!

  1. Julie Munson says:


    Loved the map to see where you all are. The videos (esp. of the kids swimming) are great! Do we get a video tour of your Calyspo at anytime? ; )

    School has been cancelled here in DC on Fri and Monday — too much snow.

    Can’t wait to hear some of your stories in person.

    – Julie

  2. Hope Peritz says:

    Yay! I’m so glad you found kids to play with. William amd Andrew send their best, as do we. We’re doing lots of “homeschooling” here, as we’ve been out of school for the past 7 school days. More to come on Monday. Stay safe!

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