Sometimes the water is so clear that it’s hard to distinguish where air or water begins.  Here Calypso and one of the kayaks seem to levitate in the air over their shadows.   In actual fact, we were anchored in 7-8 feet.  Making landfall along Exuma Sound, it is sometimes possible to distinguish rocks, coral, and sand patches in almost 100 feet of water… “gin clear” as they say.


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3 Responses to Levitation

  1. Cindy S says:

    Great photo! I want to dive in.

  2. Karen Soule says:

    We’ve been living vicariously from your travels! I’m sure you’ve heard of the 4 snowstorms, 2 blizzards, 28 inches of snow in Charlottesville last week, a Capital at a standstill and the worst–7 total snowdays so far!!! You picked the right winter to go. We had fun at a club lecture with singer and sailors Mike and Amy Atkins–their music is great fun–which lasted 3 hours. Have also enjoyed Eileen Aikens–If I killed the Captain, who would ever know!

    Here’s hoping Soulemate is ok up on the hard–can’t get down to the river to check but will probably go this weekend if able. Maddie and Julian look awesome and I’m sure will always treasure your adventures. Katie’s going to Cornell next year and thinks she can join the sailing team–ice boating team is more like it.

    Keep the photos and stories coming…it’s all that’s keeping us sane and warm!

    The Soules

  3. Lee says:

    Try the Sea Aquarium at Cambridge Cay if you get a chance……any of Cambridge Cay for that matter! I love reading the blog. xoxox lee

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