Weather, for the nth time

February 12, 2010

Pipe Creek, Exumas

We are tucked in to a favorite spot, between Rat Cay and the Mice (nice names!).  The glorious, cloud-free blue skies and 70 degree temperatures belie the fact that we are about to be POUNDED with wind (of course, after midnight).  The weather that is dumping so much snow on the Mid-Atlantic is making its way all the way here, bringing us wind and lots of it.

We are sitting well to 2 anchors, with the 3rd ready to deploy this afternoon.

Ah weather.  In a house you just close the doors and get more firewood ready, maybe inconvenienced by power going out.  You (hopefully) don’t have to worry about your house moving or another one crashing into you!

Cruising isn’t all rum drinks and snorkeling.

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4 Responses to Weather, for the nth time

  1. I can send you a pair of my rose colored glasses, if that will help.

    Be safe guys and turn off the VHF. It just adds more stress to a trying time.

  2. Ben Eriksen says:

    It just blew a 50 kts gust for about 2-3 minutes here… What a front! My single 35lb CQR held fine, in the lee here behind some tall buildings. I’m watching the front move in the Radar. Its a comin! Batten down and stow loose deck gear!

  3. Tom Romer says:

    Happy Birthday to Jeremy on number 41. What a difference a year makes!
    You choose the right winter to escape Virginia. Too much snow and too much rain. Yet we were lucky to escape the last storm that slammed Maryland and points North.
    Love looking at the photos and reading the updates — an escape from snow and ice.
    Love to all,
    Tom and Cabell

  4. Hoovler says:

    It’s not all rum, for sure. But I could use a good dose of rum to take out the constant ache in my back from all the shoveling! I suppose every clime has its perils. That’s what makes it interesting no matter where you are.

    Noticing another note, happy birthday, Jeremy. You all stay safe in the crazy weather!

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