February 22, 2010

Back at Pipe Creek (in between Rat and the Mice)

Yes, we are once again tucked in waiting for wind to howl from an undesired direction . . .  but yesterday – oh yesterday.

Yesterday was one of those days of pure magic that makes up for all the not-so-pleasant aspects of living on a small boat (and face it, any boat (other than a 200+ foot mega-yacht) is SMALL!).

We were anchored at Bitter Guana Cay, an anchorage few people frequent.  DSC_0740

Maybe it is the iguanas.  DSC_0725

There were 6 other boats there, all but one friends we had met before.  Four of the boats had kids aboard.  The night before (Saturday night), we all had a potluck dinner on board Starbound, a gorgeous wooden ketch.  There was room for all the kids at the dinner table:

  DSC_0749 The grownups sat around and ate (and ate and ate) chili and rice, salad galore, and 3 (!!!) different kinds of dessert.  We all headed home with our various pots and pans at cruisers’ midnight (8:30 pm), sated in food and friendship. 

Sunday dawned later than usual (Chris Parker’s day off – so I slept in until 6:50 am!!!!)  It was a beautiful morning, blue sky and high cirrus clouds.  By the time 10 am rolled around, I had bread dough set to rise and 2 batches of tortillas made (a batch in exchange for my wonderful haircut – which I will never forget – it was on the iguana beach.  Who among you has had a haircut with 4-foot long lizards coming by to see if the hair falling to the ground is food to eat?).

We gathered in spurts and groups on the beach, complete with 2 kayaks, a sailing dinghy, and snorkeling.  Johnny, Kevin (Dreamseeker) and Jeremy went spearfishing (yummy dinner)   DSC_0750

Kaeo and Jeremy spent the day sailing on Starbound’s wooden sailing dinghy, Sassy Girl (yipes – no picture!).  Julian did Spore.  I taught 2 boats how to make bread.  Maddie learned how to wakeboard (thank you, Scott from Las Sirenas!)  DSC_0756

We snorkeled, gathering sanddollars and shells just off the beach.  We sat around and talked, sharing stories and wine and laughing about adventures.  When evening began to set in, we came to the beach for an impromptu sunset gathering.  DSC_0767 DSC_0771

No green flash, but a perfect ending to a magical day.

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3 Responses to Magic

  1. Karen Soule says:

    simply exquisite. what more can or needs be said.

  2. Brian Wootton-Woolley says:

    A wonderful posting. Some spectacular pictures and I suspect, memories. Keep it up!
    All the Best, Brian, Man-O-War Cay. Abaco.

  3. Rod Bruckdorfer says:

    Life is good.

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