Onward to Little Inagua, Hosty Reef, Castle Island, Acklins, Crooked….

We’re anchored in West Caicos tonight getting ready to leave the TCI behind and head back into the Bahamas. Tomorrow morning we will head off to Little Inagua – a large uninhabited cay, save a few feral donkeys and goats. After that, we’ll head to Hogsty reef, one of just 3-4 coral atolls in the Atlantic waters. Then on to Castle Island – which used to be home of the best free shoe store – after a Belizian freighter carrying a cargo of shoes wrecked there… slim pickings these days. From there we will cruise the bight of Acklins and Crooked islands before making our way up to Long Island and maybe the Jumentos. Time is getting tight… so we’ll have to see what we can eek out of this northward leg.

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2 Responses to Onward to Little Inagua, Hosty Reef, Castle Island, Acklins, Crooked….

  1. Mark says:

    This has been a very interesting blog. I have enjoyed the trip along with you and your family.

    Turning the bow North is a decision we all have to make at some point. From the standpoint of the cubicle bound BCC owner, I have found your adventure mine as well. I hope one day to start from first turn South.

    Best to you and the family

  2. Stephanie & Jerry says:

    We’ve loved following your adventures, sometimes (often?) with envy but always with joy. We’ve missed you & look forward to having you home again. Love, Steph

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