Delectable Bay, Acklins

Delectable Bay is our second anchorage in the bight of Acklins. The name sounds fantastic, but the reality leaves me underwhelmed. The scenery is rather bland. The shoreline is littered with lots of small fiberglass pieces from apparently many different boats. I have the impression something really bad happened here some years ago. The kids and I went for a dinghy expedition around Camel point to the bustling metropolis of the Spring Point settlement. This is the largest settlement on Acklins and is home to many core services – grocery, police, clinic, Batelco/telephone, mailboat dock, and bar/restaurant. The settlement is surprisingly scattered over a large area, and is scarcely recognizable as a town. The grocery store, McKinney’s (aka Bigmac’s), is pretty well stocked. The kids were on a mission for icecream. No fruit or vegetables were to be found as none came in on last week’s mailboat and this week’s boat is not in yet – might be here tomorrow or Thursday. This might be our last anchorage along Acklins, as we’ll probably head to Long Cay next.

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