Pictures – Little Inagua through Georgetown

DSC_1126 Approaching Little Inagua – wing-on-wing with the genoa poled out
DSC_1118 Mahi caught on the way to Little Inagua from Turks & Caicos.  This guy hopped off the deck after the first gaffing… but we got him on the second try.
DSC_1133 Calypso at anchor in Little Inagua
DSC_1158 Underway to Hogsty from Little Inagua.  Sailing wing-on-wing with genoa poled out – and occasionally surfing.
DSC_1169 NW Cay at Hogsty, with stone beacon, and light (works!).  The cay is tiny… just a couple hundred yards long. Not much protection to anchor here.
DSC_1197 Wrecked liberty ship at Hogsty Reef
DSC_1198 Wrecked small freight boat “Lady Eagle” at Hogsty Reef.
DSC_1209 Beachcombing on SW Cay ay Hogsty, with Lady Eagle in the background.  Amazing shelling here.
DSC_1230 Castle Island, with lighthouse (works!), wrecked coastal freighter (definitely does not work), and Calypso (still working, for now).  Neat spot – but need calm weather to stay here.
DSC_1250 Delectable Bay, bight of Acklins.  Pretty desolate and rocky.
DSC_1261 Albert Town, Long Cay, Crooked
DSC_1330 French Wells, Crooked
DSC_1351 Bird Rock lighthouse, Crooked (works!)
DSC_1354 Mahi caught on the way from Crooked to Long Island
DSC_1387 Dean’s Blue Hole, Long Island.  The world free dive championships were being held there.  The hole goes down to 660 ft.  The free divers reach 300+ ft.
DSC_1406 Gordons, Long Island.  Wrecked Bahamian fishing smack.
DSC_1417 Calypso anchored in Dollar Harbour, Long Island.
DSC_1436 The beach at Conch Cay, Dollar Harbour.
DSC_1454 Pigeon Cay, Great Exuma.
DSC_1495 Family Island Regatta – Class B sloop.
DSC_1503 Family Island Regatta – B Class sloop.
DSC_1507 Family Island Regatta – Class B sloop.


Family Island Regatta – Class A sloop “Anna Nicole”.  Jeremy crewed with these guys on Friday and Sat.  Not a very competitive boat, but you can only get so serious on a big pink boat reportedly previously owned by Anna Nicole Smith…
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4 Responses to Pictures – Little Inagua through Georgetown

  1. Mark says:

    Great pictures…some definiet keepers there.
    What an adventure !!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Julie Munson says:

    The pictures are great — and the fish and wrecks are so much bigger than I had expected!

  3. MOM says:

    Fabulous photos and details of your adventures.
    Vicariously exploring these places with you has been unbelievable…you have spoiled us all!
    Thanks for the memories!!!!!

  4. Karen Soule says:

    Way to go, Calypso! Maddie’s photo in Cruising World is wonderful…hope the rest of the family isn’t jealous. Let us know when to expect your return; Jackson Creek’s channel has gotten so thin you may need dolphin escorts.

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