Jeremy update, and “returning”

June 2, 2010

Charlottesville, VA

From my own living room!  On the home front, I am getting things organized (slowly).  4 out of 5 pets are home, the internet was hooked up this morning, and just about everything is out of the apartment where we were last summer.  (The barn over there is a different story, but I am working to get everything put away here before introducing more stuff back into our lives.)

Jeremy is (hopefully) somewhere off the coast of North Carolina, where he was hoping to go out Masonboro Inlet this morning and then back in at Beaufort before sunset tonight.  The run is 67 miles; anyone with weather influence please send him just the right amount of wind from the right direction. (15 knots from the southwest would be perfect, thanks.)  He’s making good speed up the East Coast.

Kids are back at school today, and both are going home with friends for play time this afternoon.

The trip is beginning to feel a bit surreal.  I find myself wondering if we really pulled it off (I know we did, really I do) and how it all could possibly have gone so fast.  I need to slow down, to recapture the wonder and sense of time importance that we had in such clear abundance.  The best times to do that, right now, seem to be in conversations with Osprey, as they are a very real link to that world that at times seems to be the only real one.

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