Reentry, with speedbumps

September 6, 2010

Charlottesville, Virginia

I sit here, listening to some bird or another.  The morning is cool and perfectly clear, sun dappling the backyard through the still-full trees.  My coffee, a present from cruising friends in Guatemala, is warm and full of flavors of cruising and friendship.  The rest of the house is asleep.  I miss cruising with a pang and an ache, even though I love my washing machine and large kitchen counters.

People constantly ask me what I will be doing this year.  Depending on my mood, I have different answers.  The flip one is, “Clipping coupons and scrubbing toilets.”  Not that that would be bad, mind you, but I hate scrubbing things other than potatoes, and my scissor skills were found lacking even in kindergarten.

My next answer is the philosophical one. “I have been given the opportunity to redefine myself.”  Okay, but since I never really knew what my definition of myself was beforehand, redefining is a little tricky.

The kids have requested that I continue to make all our bread.  Consider it done.  But I can’t do that all day long; we’d never fit back on Calypso.

So I think what I will do, besides searching endlessly for that money tree, is take the time to care well for my family, write a bunch, substitute teach, and see if anyone out there wants a personal chef.

Reentry has me alternately in tears and resigned.  The freedom we have when we are aboard the boat, living the life of cruisers, is incomparable.  Truly, cruising is what our lives were destined for, even with those little hiccups of missing friends and family.  Then I see how happy the kids are back on land with their buddies and their SPACE and their stuff . . . but then they clamor, asking when we are heading off again.  Apparently they think they could ditch it all and live in our snug home once again.

Theresa, on Daphne, put it well in a blog post this morning – she has not swallowed the anchor, she is merely taking the time to prepare for the next voyage.  I think I will borrow that one and take it to heart.

There.  I know what I am doing.  Getting ready for our next cruise!

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7 Responses to Reentry, with speedbumps

  1. Solmates says:

    Well said.
    We still talk about the short time we got to spend w u guys and how much we enjoyed it. You are a very special family and we will always be grateful for knowing you. We hope you will get back out her soon, the cruising world needs more like you.

    We r in new England, will be in mystic today. Then thru NY and back to the Chesapeake by the 25th. If u make it up to the show, pls call us.
    Take care.

  2. kathyerskine says:

    Welcome back, Nica! And I wish you many more wonderful travels soon. It sounds like a great life and a beautiful way to raise kids.

  3. Solmates says:

    Hey calypso. SolMate here.
    We r hauling out in Deltaville Friday to do bottom job. Let us know if u come down to the boat. We hope to see u.

  4. PenelopeEarl says:

    How wonderful to see the continuing life of Zurimum! When Mike Firestone became her master in 1988, I moved from Panama to Maryland, where I’ve been ever since. If you are ever back in the Chesapeake again, look me up, as I have terrific stories to tell about your Calypso. She is a mightly fine and hardy vessel!

    • nicawaters says:

      Wow, Penelope . . . from the original owner of hull 6 to us now – what a small world. How on earth did you find our blog? And we are in the Chesapeake, or at least the boat is – we are landlocked during the week in Charlottesville, VA.

      Thanks for the note!

      Nica and Jeremy

      • Penelope Earl says:

        It’s been awhile… Funny how I found out about your Calypso! Last winter I met an older gentleman skiing in PA at Ski Liberty, and he sent me an email saying he had seen an article in a Sailing mag that was a BCC. So I started digging around and VOILA! Small world indeed. A few months ago I had the thrill when I received a copy of the log of Zurimum from my ex Rip Jane, who lives in WA. What an adventure to remember my first sailing experience (besides fun once on a Sunfish when I was 15) sailing nearly 4000 miles from San Diego to Panama in 1979! If I live long enough I plan to write a book! So glad she is still sailing the high seas!

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