Preparations begin

March 26, 2017

IMG_9277Bread is rising, the dishwasher is humming. I’ve just returned to the kitchen from a trip to the garage, where I eyeballed the dinghy engine, the generator, and the garden sprayer we use as a shower. Yes, they all will need to come with us when we go to the boat next weekend. If we have a 5th person with us, will we need to drive 2 cars?

Last fall, Jeremy elected to leave Calypso in the water rather than hauling her out, reasoning that if she’s floating, it makes it a heck of a lot easier to go sailing at the drop of a hat. IMG_8366When our spring break plans to go to Panama fell through, and the temperatures in mid-February rose to flip-flop and shorts levels, we immediately realized we could take Calypso for a jaunt.

Spring break is in a week. Temperatures are still looking good. Let the preparations begin.

Prep means thinking about essentials. Julian is hoping a friend will join us – that means  the quarter berth will be pressed into service as a bunk again. The cushions are in the attic. Food means cooking. Are the tanks filled? Can we cook? We can get to the boat on Saturday, prep everything on Sunday – and if we need to deal with propane, we can do that on Monday (but we better have a back up plan if the tanks are too old to be refilled).

I need to be able to do my workouts. Can’t necessarily plan on internet, especially if we go somewhere like Cape Charles or Onancock. So I ordered a USB dvd drive for the computer, and I’ll download yoga workouts on my phone. Add “yoga mat” to the growing list of things to remember to bring.IMG_1678

The thing with preparations? It’s not about the sexy stuff like “where are we going” – that’s a given. We have a week. It’s the Bay. We want to sail. If the wind lets us go across, great. If the wind lets us get to Gwynns, great. If all we do is go around to Fishing Bay from Jackson Creek, and we anchor in dinghy distance from the showers at the yacht club? Great.

Preparations are remembering all the mundane things that let the magic shine.

And there’s something really magical in miring myself in those mundane things.


Skipper in his element.


Sailing at sunset.





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