Working out, Calypso style

Have computer, will travel workout.

Er, more like have computer will travel AND workout. Love having streaming videos available at my fingertips anywhere I have wifi.

Sure, I’ve got discs, and an external drive, so when I don’t have wifi, I am still set to get in a good sweat session. But wow is this streaming thing easier!!

The dog likes it too.

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2 Responses to Working out, Calypso style

  1. Ahoy you Guys , Soooo nice to see you continue your travels with BCC Calypso . T Y for your blog postings I enjoy them all .
    BTW , did you ever get BCC Newsletters from Mike Pearson of BCC Metophora (Sp-?) ? Dan Dews , BCC Shaula , has passed on to me the BCC Newsletters from Boyd Helm the former owner of BCC Calliste , but I remember visiting Roger at the Sam L Morse yard , and meeting Mike there , as he said he was the BCC Newsletter Editor back then . Dan said he didn’t have newsletters from Mike , to pass on .

    • nicawaters says:

      Glad you’re enjoying the blog postings! My goal is to keep them up and keep people apprised of our sailing plans.
      No recollection of ever receiving newsletters from Mike or anyone – sorry I can’t help you there.

      Happy sailing!

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