Stem fitting, unloaded

Waterline now.

It’s a while until we set off again, though that number in years is close enough to have us flurrying with project lists and budget crunching. Suffice it to say we are closer to heading off again than we are to the last time we went, if that makes sense.

What could possibly need to be done at THIS point? The biggies, the cleaning the garage and selling the house and redoing the interior and sourcing a new jib and oh wow. That’s a long list.

But right now, on a day to day basis?

I can look at what we eat. I can check out the grocery store for interesting and easily stored items. Try them. Create on-the-fly recipes that use them. I can challenge myself to cook from the pantry once a week, and be really really good at knowing what staples we actually USE.

Eating will happen on board pretty much the same way it does at the house. We will still like the same flavors.

We’re not suddenly going to be happy eating canned corned beef and canned salmon just because we are sailing.

This day will come, when I am list making and buying and stowing with wild abandon.

For now, though, I can document what we eat, and what we use. That document, created over the next xxx years, will be invaluable when it comes to actually provisioning for our new cruise life.

van loaded with provisions


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