Chesapeak Bay Summer Cruise 2015

A little footage from our summer cruise up the Chesapeake…

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Hauling for Winter

Making use of the last 70+ degree day of the year to haul Calypso for the winter.  I took her around Stove Point, from FBYC to Chesapeake Boat Works – where there are now 3 BCCs hauled out!

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Reentry, with speedbumps

September 6, 2010

Charlottesville, Virginia

I sit here, listening to some bird or another.  The morning is cool and perfectly clear, sun dappling the backyard through the still-full trees.  My coffee, a present from cruising friends in Guatemala, is warm and full of flavors of cruising and friendship.  The rest of the house is asleep.  I miss cruising with a pang and an ache, even though I love my washing machine and large kitchen counters.

People constantly ask me what I will be doing this year.  Depending on my mood, I have different answers.  The flip one is, “Clipping coupons and scrubbing toilets.”  Not that that would be bad, mind you, but I hate scrubbing things other than potatoes, and my scissor skills were found lacking even in kindergarten.

My next answer is the philosophical one. “I have been given the opportunity to redefine myself.”  Okay, but since I never really knew what my definition of myself was beforehand, redefining is a little tricky.

The kids have requested that I continue to make all our bread.  Consider it done.  But I can’t do that all day long; we’d never fit back on Calypso.

So I think what I will do, besides searching endlessly for that money tree, is take the time to care well for my family, write a bunch, substitute teach, and see if anyone out there wants a personal chef.

Reentry has me alternately in tears and resigned.  The freedom we have when we are aboard the boat, living the life of cruisers, is incomparable.  Truly, cruising is what our lives were destined for, even with those little hiccups of missing friends and family.  Then I see how happy the kids are back on land with their buddies and their SPACE and their stuff . . . but then they clamor, asking when we are heading off again.  Apparently they think they could ditch it all and live in our snug home once again.

Theresa, on Daphne, put it well in a blog post this morning – she has not swallowed the anchor, she is merely taking the time to prepare for the next voyage.  I think I will borrow that one and take it to heart.

There.  I know what I am doing.  Getting ready for our next cruise!

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Jeremy home, safe and sound

June 11, 2010

Charlottesville, VA

Jeremy arrived here safe and sound last Monday afternoon, driving a van absolutely chock full of boat things.  We have spent the week sorting and pitching, organizing and storing.  Tomorrow we head back to Calypso to empty more stuff (primarily the conch shells and metal fishing floats that are under the forward bunk).

My parents are here from Vermont, here to witness Julian’s promotion ceremony from elementary school.  We have also pressed them into work, as Jeremy and my dad spent the entire day cutting brush, hauling it to the dump, and returning to do it all again.  The chain saw, loppers, electric trimmers, and good old fashioned elbow grease came into play.  The grounds haven’t looked this good in a long time.  Mom and I spent a couple of sweaty hours this morning pulling poison ivy, raking cuttings, and generally trying to help out.

I’ll have Jeremy post pictures from the last couple of weeks, and I may post occasionally.  But this may well be the end of the blogging for Calypso – at least until our Nova Scotia trip next summer with Osprey!

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Jeremy in Virginia

June 5

Charlottesville, VA

Last email from Jeremy has him locked out of the Deep Creek lock in the Dismal Swamp as of about 3:30 this afternoon.  He should be in Norfolk tonight.  Welcome back to Virginia!

Life continues apace here, with at least some time to enjoy life too.  We went to the Farmers Market this morning, and even though the crowds were a bit much we thoroughly soaked up the fresh food and eagerness of the sellers.  Prizes included ground beef and shitake mushrooms, plus some radishes and spring onions – all grown within 30 miles of here.  We also found a lovely woman who makes jewelry, and we might just have to take some sea glass to have her make a necklace or something.

Pictures will be coming soon . . .

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Jeremy update, and “returning”

June 2, 2010

Charlottesville, VA

From my own living room!  On the home front, I am getting things organized (slowly).  4 out of 5 pets are home, the internet was hooked up this morning, and just about everything is out of the apartment where we were last summer.  (The barn over there is a different story, but I am working to get everything put away here before introducing more stuff back into our lives.)

Jeremy is (hopefully) somewhere off the coast of North Carolina, where he was hoping to go out Masonboro Inlet this morning and then back in at Beaufort before sunset tonight.  The run is 67 miles; anyone with weather influence please send him just the right amount of wind from the right direction. (15 knots from the southwest would be perfect, thanks.)  He’s making good speed up the East Coast.

Kids are back at school today, and both are going home with friends for play time this afternoon.

The trip is beginning to feel a bit surreal.  I find myself wondering if we really pulled it off (I know we did, really I do) and how it all could possibly have gone so fast.  I need to slow down, to recapture the wonder and sense of time importance that we had in such clear abundance.  The best times to do that, right now, seem to be in conversations with Osprey, as they are a very real link to that world that at times seems to be the only real one.

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Jeremy progress report

May 29

Charlottesville, VA

Email report from Jeremy yesterday afternoon had him just offshore of Savannah, planning to go in at Charleston today and then up the ICW until he came to a good stopping point, maybe at Winyah Bay or near Georgetown, SC.

On Friday morning he went outside (to the Atlantic) at Ponce Inlet,  north of Canaveral, and has so far had a relatively easy singlehanded trip north.  I have no idea as to whether or not he will continue hopping offshore.

Will report more when I hear more!

Oh, more pictures will be posted when Jeremy comes home – all the pics are on his computer.

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